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"Opulence" feat. The Rainbow Collection by Nova Dando

Dancers/Choreographers: Ashley Perez, Jojo Zolina, Kaiti Dangerkat, Tine Gatchalian
Director: Sarah Piantadosi
Director of Photography: Sarah Piantadosi
Editor: Jo Apps
Music Editor: Reggie Tenchavez
Styling Assistant: Myles Johnson
Makeup: Thomas De Kluyver


  • Vice: How did you get involved with the House of Dangerkat?
  • Nova Dando: I first met them backstage after one of JC DC’s shows in Paris and they invited me and my assistant Myles to the Barbie party at Colette. When we arrived it turned out that Colette had got them all in to be dressed up performing as Barbie and all her friends.
  • They’re from Calgary in Canada, and Kaiti Dangerkat (the leader of the pack) was on tour dancing all over Europe and we decided when she was in London that we would do a shoot together, as she had checked out my website and wanted to wear my old Disco collection. When she came over for the shoot, we decided to turn all the photos into a stop-frame animation film, as I think my clothes are shown best when you can see them moving on someone, and the fact that she was a dancer was perfect – the clothes really came alive as she danced in them.
  • After we shot the Disco collection film I was insistent that she must come back to London for fashion week and dance for me in my fashion week show. So the whole of the House of Dangerkat came for fashion week and to perform ‘Opulence’ at my show. I thought guerrilla catwalk shows were the way to go to liven up London fashion week a little.

8/30/2010 (5:37pm)

The dancers presented the message behind the collection so much more effectively than any number of glassy eyed models could, and it was a pleasure to marvel at their muscular thighs in the sexy lycra.

Naomi Attwood for FRED BUTLER STYLE

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The Making Of Addicted


Modelled by Addicted filmmakers, DJ/music editors, fashion choreographers and main cast: Ashley Perez, Jo Apps, Kaelen Ohm, Kevin Fraser, Reggie Tenchavez, Sabrina Comanescu, Ted Stenson

8/30/2010 (3:18pm)


Art Direction: Kaiti Dangerkat
Choreography: Jenn Doan, Kaiti Dangerkat
Co-Creation/Performance: Jenn Doan, Kevin Fraser, Kaiti Dangerkat, Sabrina Comanescu, Tony Tran
Choreography Assistant: Taryn Javier
Costume Design: Hege Edvardsen, Kaiti Dangerkat
Headgear: Kaiti Dangerkat, Richard De Los Reyes
Makeup: Olga Onulov, Ren Beau
Videography: Kaelen Ohm, Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi
Editing: Kaelen Ohm
Photography: Sarah Piantadosi
Music Editing: Ted Stenson

At the end of the day people might not understand the movements that we’re doing, they might not understand the clothes that we’re wearing, they might not understand the music that we’re dancing to, but they’re gonna feel AFFECTED. And that’s what watching it does, it affects you.

Kevin “DIVA K” Fraser


Modelled by Addicted’s main cast: Jenn Doan, Kaiti Dangerkat, Kevin Fraser, Sabrina Comanescu, Tony Tran

8/30/2010 (1:45pm)


A multimedia, multi-sensory production featuring innovative and provocative dance, fashion, video, photography and live art by the House of Dangerkat.

Developed in Calgary, Stockholm, London and New York City, the 30 minute main stage show premiered in Manhattan and was expanded for Slammenberry Jam 5 Urban Arts Festival. With funding provided by the Canada Council for the Arts, ADDICTED grew to be more than a feature performance and included interactive dancers/models, a film, fashion, photo and live art exhibit followed by a hype dance party at the top of the Calgary Tower.  It was later presented at the Nordic Moves/Juste Debout dance festival in Helsinki, Finland where the House of Dangerkat were celebrated as “the best voguing and waacking group in the world right now”.

Versatile and unique, ADDICTED is site specific and functions as an entire evening of progressive and interactive entertainment, or simply as an invigorating performance art showcase. Overall, ADDICTED promises to suspend reality and create an experience unlike any audience has ever seen!

8/24/2010 (1:46am)

100% Dissin You

Choreography/Performance: Kaiti Dangerkat
Styling: Nova Dando
Photography: Sarah Piantadosi
Editing: Jo Apps
Modelling: Myles Johnson & Jean-Sebastian Pougnand
Makeup: Thomas De Kluyver
Hair: Tom Berry
Styling Assistant: Myles Johnson
Photographer’s Assistant: Tina Piantadosi

I’m gonna diss you right now


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Photos that Move

Comprised of over 1000 still shots, a relatively unplanned photoshoot turned quickly into a 17 hour animation extravaganza!  GO TEAM LONDON!

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Short film by Kaelen OhmCreated while documenting the site-specific performance that took place at the High Performance Rodeo in Calgary.

8/24/2010 (1:15am)


Art Direction: Kaiti Dangerkat
Choreography: Ashley Perez, Kaiti Dangerkat
Performance: Ashley Perez, Kaiti Dangerkat, Mel Perez, Tony Tran
Costume Design: Richard De Los Reyes, Kaiti Dangerkat
Makeup: Kaiti Dangerkat
Videography: Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi, Ted Stenson
Editing: Ted Stenson
Modelling: Kaiti Dangerkat, Zaess Farid
Photography: Sarah Piantadosi